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Non-Operative Treatment For Back Pain

Mayo Clinic states that majority of people in the United States will get low back pain at least once in their lifetime. It is a common complaint that makes people to miss work or visit the doctor. Highly-trained sports persons and sedentary individuals both experience lower back pain. This is attributed to the lifestyle pressures of an average American. Those working an eight- to-five job will sit in the office for more than three hours, without taking a break. Sitting for many hours shortens the iliopsoas and hamstring muscles, causing a strain on the lower back. On the other hand, athletes indulge in exercises involving dynamic movements that cause tension on the lower back. Lower back pain is at times treated using invasive treatment, such as surgery. However, certain Yoga poses effectively relieve lower back pain. The beauty with Yoga is that it can be done at the comfort of your home at any time.

  1. Sphinx

While lying on the stomach, prop yourself up, with the forearms. Make sure that your elbows are directly aligned under your shoulders. Push firmly through the top of your feet and palms, while pressing the pubic bone forward. Although you will feel sensations running through your lower back, inhale deeply throughout the pose by holding for one to three minutes. This allows blood to flow and circulate in the lower back, which will heal the pain.

  1. Cat pose

On a mat, set your knees directly below your hips, while the shoulders, elbows and wrists are in a straight line and at a 90 degree angle to the floor. The eyes should look at the floor, while centre of the head is at a neutral position. If this is done properly, you should be able to create a table top position. Exhale deeply, and round the spine towards the ceiling, while ensuring that the knees and shoulder remain in the same position. Release the head gently towards the floor, without forcing the chin to the chest. Inhale slowly and resume the tabletop position using the knees and the hands. This pose helps in flexing and relaxing the lower back muscles, thereby relieving any pain.

  1. Legs In The Wall

To relax the muscles on your lower back, scoot your buttocks up into a wall and keep your legs together. Swing the feet back and forth for two minutes, ensuring that you do not bang them hard on the wall to avoid injuries. Relax the feet on the wall for five to ten minutes to loosen up the lower back muscles and drain the stagnant fluid from the ankles and feet. This pose is ideal after travelling on the plane or bus for a long distance, or engaging in a strenuous workout or task.

Extensive research

Multiple studies have ascertained that yoga relives back pain soreness because it emphasizes on flexibility, stretching and strength. A study conducted by University Of Washington found out that people who engaged in stretching or yoga classes were twice likely to reduce their pain medication for back pains compared to those who did not undertake this ancient practice. Indeed, this proves that certain yoga poses strengthens and stretches lower back muscles, restoring the proper alignment of the spine.





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