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Five Reasons To Choose A Walk-In Clinic Over An Emergency Room

More often than not emergency rooms have long waiting periods and a condition may progress while waiting on an appointment date with your doctor. Unfortunately many people are unaware that all they have to do is go to a walk in clinic to get the same level of medical attention they need from doctors and nurses with the same level of experience.

Why use a walk in clinic?

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health this option should be used in a non urgent situation, when your family doctor’s office is closed or lack thereof and in the case of minor illnesses or injuries. Here are five cases that would warrant a visit to a walk in clinic.

Primary headaches

Brain tissue is not sensitive to pain because it has no pain receptors; this means that a headache is due to disturbance to the pain receptors in structures around the brain. Headaches are classified as primary and secondary. Primary headaches are benign and do not signal any underlying issues. These headaches have the following symptoms: short episodes of severe pain usually around one eye, shooting face pain, recurrent stabbing pain, throbbing pain that starts after exercise and a pain that starts a few hours after falling asleep.

Head colds

Although head colds make you feel terrible more often than not they are harmless and clear all by their own within seven days. The symptoms cause a lot of discomfort and may be treated with antihistamines.


Infectious diseases were once the leading cause of death centuries ago but now with vaccines diseases like small pox and polio have been all but wiped off the face of the earth. There are hundreds of vaccines for hundreds of diseases for people of all ages. To find out what diseases you should be immunized for, when to get vaccinated and to get vaccines administered a quick check into a walk in clinic should be prove helpful.

Allergies and asthma

Allergic reactions and asthma can progress quite quickly and can be remedied fairly fast with an injection or in less severe cases topical applications. Walk in clinics have shorter waiting periods for more or less the same medical attention you would get at an emergency room.

Sprains and strains

Sometimes a tumble may lead to some discomfort in form of sprains and strains. These kinds of injuries rarely need specialized treatment and staff at walk in clinics would be able to handle the injury the same way an emergency room would for a fraction of the money.

In the case of children under the age of two years it is advisable to go to the emergency room or set an appointment with a pediatrician.



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