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My favorite extra-curricular activity whats yours?


My favorite extra-curricular activity is listening to soft music and creating my home based music library. Though I am tasked with other chores at home, I always get some free time to just switch on my stereo system and let the smooth beat of music sooth my mind.


I have a wide collection genre to choose from; though am a fan of soft rhythm and blues tracks. Pop music is also electrifying and I usually play it when am bored. Music is the only thing that relaxes my mind fast and gets me back in the mood to continues with my endeavors efficiently and thus accomplishing my targets


While listening to music I become so engrossed as the beats induce the enthusiasm in my whole body as well as my mind becomes alert boosting my morale to perform my tasks better.

Listening to music is a very interesting activity; this is because you can have all this fun at the comfort your home unlike other activities which forces you to be outdoors. I can listen to my favorite tracks while in the house doing other chores very comfortably and with so much ease. It only requires you to have your favorite tracks in a compact disk and your stereo system and you are good to go.


There is no doubt that listening music soothes my mind more than anything I can think of and makes me very delighted everytime I listen to it; my body boy and soul relaxes. I have to admit I cannot believe my life without music!



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